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Listening skills -plural because it may encompass identifying words, comprehending the topic of a conversation, etc.- are essential to foreign language acquisition. However, we are often limited in terms of access to native speakers voices other that our own (that was a very good point made by Guy Delcominette during his presentation). Students must be exposed to different accents (Spanish from Spain sounds different from Spanish from Mexico, the same is true for French from Belgium, Canada or France).
When designing teaching and/or assessment activities, I believe that sending your script to another teacher and asking him/her to record it using "vocaroo" would help you providing more variety in your classroom. The recording can easily be sent back to you, you can save it and re-use it whenever you want.
Recommendations when sending your script to your partner:
1. Make it clear regarding the "speed" of speaking (slow, native like, in between);
2. Should the recordings be saved individually ? (example: sentence one has its own file name, sentence two has its own file name, paragraph one as well, etc.);
3. Provide your partner with clear indications on how to name the file;
4. Make sure you keep a copy on your computer before you send it to your partner.

Procedure to save a file from

1. Make sure your microphone is plugged in.
2. Connect to
3. Click "Record" then "Allow" on the next pop up message.
4. Start talking and click "Stop Record" when you are done.
5. To save your recording click "Click here to save".
6. Click on "MP3".
7. The downloaded file will show at the bottom left of your screen with a name.mp3
8. Click on "Show in folder".
9. Right click on the highlighted file in that folder.
10. Click on "Rename" and rename the file according to your partner's request or your own -depending.
11. Hit "Enter".
12. Right click on the file name and click "Cut".
13. Open the folder in which you want to save the file.
14. Right click then click on "Paste".


Please print it for further reference.

I hope this is helpful.

André Frippiat
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